Apr 4, 2015

San Diego Daytrip

It's been a bit slow on this blog, but that's because I started a few weeks ago at my new job! And the few days off I have are spent out and about, since I'm stuck in doors for hours. But I finally decided to have a day to myself, which means going through some developed film! A few days ago Vanessa and I decided to take a day trip to San Diego to visit Kat and Missy! Took the opportunity to shoot some Medium Format and 35mm film.

We started the day with brunch at Snooze! Our waiter gave us a free sinful pancake, maybe cause Kat was in crutches? Haha, who knows. Brunch was delicious. Kat then took us to a beach in Del Mar, and took us on a tour of "ranch wives". San Diego is such a diverse place. After our visit with Kat, we headed more south to visit Missy.

Missy took us to North Park, a little hipster neighborhood for some ice cream. It's hard to tell from the photo, but we ordered a flight of ice cream! This changes everything.

We then got lost trying to go to Balboa Park. Most of the exhibits were closed, since it was a Monday, but it was nice to stroll around. The park reminded me a lot of the parks in Spain, especially in Barcelona with all the old architecture and buildings.

We ended the day with dinner at Seaport Village, and a very quick stroll (because it was cold and we didn't have proper jackets).

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