Jan 26, 2015

Floral Delight

I bought a bunch of Tulips and decided to play with the natural lighting in my room. They add a bit of brightness to my desk on this rainy day :)


Jan 23, 2015

DIY: Totorerrarium

I've wanted to make my own terrarium for a while now. I finally took the opportunity to buy supplies along with these cute Totoro figurines to add a special touch! It was fairly simple to make, I googled "DIY Terrarium" and found loads of instructions. I think it's a nice addition to my room!

Here's how I made mine...

  • a glass bowl or container
  • pebbles (bought mine in the aquarium section)
  • perlite 
  • soil (I used the soil my succulent came in)
  • a succulent of your choice
  • moss
  • totoro figures (optional)
  1. Put a layer of pebbles about 1-2 inches deep at the bottom of your bowl
  2. Put a layer of perlite about 1-2 inches on top (be smart unlike me and use a spoon or cup...instead of just dumping it directly from the bag resulting in too much. oops!)
  3. Place a layer of soil deep enough to plant your succulent. 
  4. Dig a small hole to place the succulent.
  5. Put a layer of moss on top of the soil. Add totoro figures!

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