Jan 18, 2017

My Vantage Point

I recently learned about a new start up camera company called Light. I love photography as a way to capture memories and to share my perspective, but carrying around a DSLR isn't always possible or practical. Light's L16 Camera allows users to have the power and quality of a DSLR in their pocket.

Recently I was challenged to share my vantage point from a favorite image of mine. I chose a recent image I took while in San Francisco in the SOMA neighborhood. I took a short walk to a coffee shop by our hotel and had to stop to admire the way the morning light was hitting the buildings. 

I typically find myself stopping and admiring my surroundings and wanting to capture the scene. I didn't have my camera with me, but I did have my iPhone. With a tray full of coffee in one hand and my iPhone in the other I positioned myself to compose the shot to my liking. The compact size and ease of taking a photo on the iPhone allowed me to take this photo while on a quick coffee run. In this particular photo I wanted to capture a scene on the street - the diffused and refracted light from surrounding buildings and the juxtaposition of nature in an urban landscape. 

I've heard that the best camera is the one that's with you, and I think that's an important concept in photography. I think finding my own unique vantage point, while using different mediums and cameras, has been a small step toward learning more and improving my own photography. 


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